Float: My Schedule

A simple view, of what you need to do.

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A quick and easy way for your team(s) to review their daily (mobile), or weekly (desktop/tablet), schedule of the projects and tasks they’ve been assigned.

The story

When my buddies, Glenn, Yaron, and Joe were busy running their design and interactive agency, Made for Humans, while simultaneously building the best resource scheduling tool online, Float, they reached out to me to help them build a new feature they wanted to introduce to the product, My Schedule.

My Schedule is a straightforward view, intended not for the project managers nor producers, but for the staff who are assigned the actual projects and tasks at hand. It offers optimized views which clearly display the projects and tasks for each day, along with responsive modals that makes it easy for users to quickly dive into their tasks and view information and notes for the projects they are working on. Along with being able to clearly see any holidays or vacation time that might be on the horizon.

In an attempt to keep it straightforward and easy for them to maintain going forward, I built the feature using Backbone and tried to keep is as simple and optimized as I could. The end result was a lightweight app that performed just as well on mobile as it did on desktop, with a fluid layout that offered all the main information as the Main Schedules but without all the editing features which kept the code tidy and easy to come back to, and ultimately in the resolution of a long-standing feature request that had been heavily desired by their users.


Since I worked on the project, the gang over at Float have not only totally overhauled their main Schedule view, utilizing the latest technologies like React and Canvas to create butter smooth rendering and optimal performance. They have also overhauled the version of My Schedule that I built for them, based on that new framework.

Even though you won’t see my work any longer, I strongly encourage you to check out what they are doing on Float. If you are a Project Manager, Producer, or are neither but still responsible for managing a team, you’ll no doubt optimize your team’s workflow by integrating Float into your company’s toolkit.


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