Jam Sessions

A weekly gathering focused on building community, while increasing productivity, and vice versa.

Open project


Jam Sessions is a community centered around a weekly event series where members commit to a project, share it with the group, and can reach out for help–if you need it.

The story

I had the idea for Jam Sessions while on a cross-country flight from NYC to SF. I was looking over my Field Notes, evaluating everything that I wanted to do/get done, and trying to think of an efficient way to do it, while also having fun, and not sacrificing hanging out with friends while I accomplished that task. Then it dawned on me, my buddy Jamie and I meet up often to hangout out, catch up, skateboard around, and also discuss the projects that we’re working on–or what we’re “jamming” on.

If it was possible to apply that same casual approach of hanging out and sharing ideas and giving feedback, and put the slightest amount of structure around it–but not too much–maybe it would be valuable for Jamie, myself, our friends, and others who would like to meet up, share their projects with the group, and be able to discuss them in order to get outside perspective, feedback, and help. At that point, Jam Sessions, was born.

Who can jam?

Jam Sessions is not intended to be targeted at only the developer or designer crowds. This is not a hackathon, although there will be engineers there who you can discuss your projects with, as well as designers who can help you evaluate your designs. The goal for Jam Sessions is to provide a space for anyone to present and work on anything they need to work on. And by anything, I mean anything. It can be as straightforward as an email that you need to write, or as complex as mapping out your business idea that’s going to change the world. No project should be seen as too large, nor too small.

The format

  • 00:00 - 00:15

    Each member shares what they’re working on, with the option of presenting questions, reaching out for feedback, or letting the group know what might be holding them up.

  • 00:15-01:45

    Slam, jam, cram, discuss, party, collab! This is the time to work on your project, whether that means you throw on your headphones and jam, brainstorm ideas on the whiteboard, or talk through your projects with other members.

  • 01:45-02:00

    We wrap-up the session by each member sharing what they were able to accomplish and what they plan on achieving before next week’s session.



Color Palette

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