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A simple service that lets you create countdown timers for your projects, or anything else you’d like to countdown to.

The story

Launch Clock is the result of a weekend project that happened to evolve into a service. I was in the process of exploring the Chromecast API and wanted something interesting to throw up on the TV to test with so I created a quick countdown timer that was to count down to the end of the weekend, in which time I wanted to have some basic wrappers around the API in order to make it easier to integrate into projects. It turns out that I was able to finish the wrappers on time, and I found the clock to be highly motivating, while also a little stressful.

At that point, Launch Clock, was born. I spent the next week and half building out the member system, along with the admin that allows for projects to be created and user settings to be saved, refined the CSS to make it nice and responsive, and worked through all the funky timezone issues when it comes to accurately displaying the date/time based on the creators timezone.

Once I was “done”, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to necessarily do with it. I knew that I was going to use it, but I wasn’t sure how it would be received by others. I ultimately decided to post it to Designer News, with the intention of maybe a few people seeing it and hopefully getting some early feedback. I went to bed, thinking nothing about it, since I figured few would see it.

When I woke up in the next morning I discovered that someone had found it on Designer News and decided to post it to Product Hunt. And to my surprise, it was the second highest product featured for the day. It hovered around that slot for most of the day, and eventually settled to #4 by the end. That was my first taste of Product Hunt, and it was a fun ride, if not a little (read A LOT) stressful.

While building out this initial version, I have many more ideas about features and integrations that could be added to Launch Clock, and hope to eventually get around to adding those. In the meantime, check it out, sign up, create a countdown timer, and get your projects done.



Color Palette

  • #081b22

  • #4a6c80

  • #f0fae1

  • #4eb16a

  • #cc514b

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