A Painter Who Has Finally Painted His Own House

I'm happy to welcome you to my new home on the internet. Trust me, its been a long time coming. I have original designs for this site dating back to 2009. So, why’d it take me so long?

Well, I guess the short way to say it is that “life” got in the way. Or, another way you could put it is, “too many ideas, not enough time”. But, I’d prefer to go with, life.

In order to keep this first post short, I’ve decided to take what I originally wrote and break it up into more digestible portions. In future posts I’ll be covering:

  • why this site was delayed for so long (or, what I’ve been up to for the past 5 years)
  • some background on the design and development decisions that were made while building this site
  • my goals of what this site is to be going forward, and how I plan to achieve them
  • more in-depth posts on specific design and development techniques applied during the creation of this site, and some open source goodies to share

With that, I'd just like to say thanks for checking this out and I hope you like what you see. Stay tuned for more updates in this series.