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A persistent writing app that helps you stick to your writing goals.

I started working on this project back in December, in preparation for the New Year and all the goals and motivation that comes along with it. I was hoping to have this launched by now, but life has been holding it up a bit, but it’s getting really close.

Tapslock is Markdown editor that offers real-time, side-by-side preview, online document storage and a writing experience that can be accessed in the browser–and eventually via native apps on Andriod and iOS.

It’s the writing app that I wanted needed, because it wasn’t directly associated with a writing platform that assumes the works to be published (Medium, WordPress) and can be used as easily for full-length articles as it can be for quick notes, and it’s not locked into a single platform–like Apple Notes or other platform specific apps.

My goal right now it to launch to a small–to medium– sized batch of early users to get their feedback and address any issues that come up, and assuming nothing is too crazy do the official launch in April–hopefully early April.


Jam Sessions

A monthly meetup for creators, makers, doers and thinkers.

I kind of fell off from hosting Jam Sessions after my daughter was born, but we started them back up in February and I’m really excited that we did. Hope to host one a month from now to the foreseeable futurre, and hopefully come up with some ideas on how add more meetup options for people to get value from the community.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio calculator and device resolutions resource.

I launched Aspect Ratio back in November of 2017. It was a tool that evolved as a solution for having to calculate a bunch of different aspect ratios for assets on a project that I was working on.

I didn’t have any real plans for it–other than to share it with a few people–but it ended up getting picked up on HackerNews, which led to it being hunted on Product Hunt–where it ended up being the #3 Product of the day–and all the while people seemed to really like it and offered up some solid feedback and encouragement.

Based on that, I’d like to see where I can take it. Use it as an experiment to explore and understand SEO and–who knows–maybe make make a few dollars a month from it via a CarbonAd that I threw up there, assuming I can get more people to reference it as a resource. So, looking to explore ways to drive more traffic to the site and make it the first resolve for “calculate aspect ratio” and “aspect ratio calculator”, and see where it goes from there.

Opensource Projects

My contributions to the community that has helped me so much.

It wasn’t until last year when I made a conscious and concentrated effort to start being more active in the industry that I have worked in for that past 17 years. It started with a few opensource projects that I submitted to NPM and has quickly grown to maintaining 25 packages and counting, consisting mostly of command line tools and React components.

I have some more packages in the works that I plan to publish soon, and am looking to expand my contributions from NPM packages focused on tools and React, and publish some more packages outside of NPM and try to contribute to more opensource projects that I do not personally maintain.



The quickest and easiest way to integrate a mailing list signup into your site or application.

Between both client and personal projects, I’ve built a ton of sign-up forms that integrate with various providers and it always feels like I’m reinventing the wheel each time I do it. That’s where Newsbetters comes in, it’s a service that offers a variety of configurable components that will work in React, Vue, [insert hot new JS framework], etc. and will allow you to easily customize the experience to fit the site or application they are integrated into.

In addition to the components, it offers a simple service for handling subscriber management between your app and the service or services that it needs to integrate with for mail delivery–either transactional or for marketing purposes.

It seems like mail plays a pretty important role when it comes to connecting with people and keeping them up-to-date on the latest things going on, so I’m looking to reduce a few of the barriers that currently exist for setting these up and letting people communicate and stay in touch easier.

If you want updates on what I’m working or thinking about, you can use the sign-up form below. It’s currently just a MailChimp form, but will soon be swapped out with a Newsbetters form once the product is ready.

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