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March 17th, 2023
via Atlanta, GA

New library release: react-marquease

I have been working on a new library that I am really excited about. This one has been in the works for a while, and has actually had a couple versions over the years. I am not sure why it took me so long to get this out, but I have a vanila JS version, as well as a React Class version, but this is the one that I wanted to release, and actually uses the least amount of code amongst the three.

The library is called, react-marquease, and it’s pretty much what it is called, an easy way to add a <marquee>-like component to your React application.

I have already used it in both the communal.works site, and even in the sub-<footer> on this site (just scroll down).

I have a few more updates I plan on making to it, but it should be ready for normal use, and I plan on throwing this one on a bunch of sites.

New project / collaboration: communal.works

I have been working on a new project with a friend of mine, Jon Black. We have been exploring what a community of like-minded and socially conscience people coming together to help each other, and potentially collaborate on projects, or consulting opportunities, would look like.

  • How would it operate?
  • What system or tools could be setup to help facilitate collaboration and efficiency?
  • How would the community grow and self-regulate?

These are just a few of the questions we have been trying to put answers to. And, in the meantime we threw up a quick site where we can start answering those and defining what communal.works is.

Site updates

After launching this new version of the site back in August of last year, I haven’t done many updates to it. But, over the last couple of weeks I have had a few things in motion that seemed like it warranted some updates to be made.

With that said, here are a few of the updates I’ve made over the last week:

  • Add Casters1 1 to home and projects pages.
  • Add new w/ OSS (with open-source software) page.2
  • Obviously, this is new /now page, and with that I have created an archive of previous /now pages. You can find a link to the previous below.
  • I have been really happy with using Fathom on this site for analytics. I realized that I may not have had it fully integrated properly, and after reviewing the docs in the library I used to integrate it with, fathom-client, I realized they have a new documentation on how to set it up. So, that was updated, which is nice.

Personal goals

  • Save weekends for kids: ✅
  • Get final home renovations projects done, so we can move in: ✅
  • Daily trail run (weekdays)
  • Daily rowing session (weekdays)
  • Daily Peloton session3 (at least weekdays, ideally all days)


  1. Casters – This is a new project I am working on. I think it’s going to be really cool, and useful, but not ready to get into all of that here/now. Expect more updates on this over the coming weeks/months.

  2. w/ OSS page – This is a concept that I like and will probably be expanding on more. Don’t be surprised if some more projects spin out of this idea.

  3. Daily Peloton session – Unfortunately, once we moved into our house, I had to relocate the rowing machine to a space that makes it inconvenient to use. So, luckily we also picked up a Peloton bike, and that is now my goto for exercise.

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