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August 3rd, 2022
via Atlanta, GA

Create/updating this site

I made the mistake of building my last portfolio in a technology that I didn’t have the time to keep up and maintain. This version is way more stripped down, although should be generally easier to maintain as well, as I continue to build this out and flesh out more areas/information to add.

I will be posting more here as new updates make it to the site.

Shiny new product: Pregraph

After working across several apps that have all either implemented—or are utilizing—GraphQL APIs, I have come across some common issues/areas that could be added to make them easier to analyze, optimize, and expand.

The first tool to get the gears flowing was releasing a general purpose Apollo Link, apollo-link-performance, for logging GraphQL API requests to your current analytics service. With more features to make their way into that link shortly.

Personal goals

  • Save weekends for kids
  • Get final home renovations projects done, so we can move in
  • Daily trail run (weekdays)
  • Daily rowing session (weekdays)

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